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Infertility, Miscarriage and Infant Loss

You wish desperately for an earth-side child, or for another baby to complete your family. You've either been trying for forever with no luck, or you've had a pregnancy end with loss.  You're grappling with fear moving forward and guilt about leaving the memory of your child behind.

Grieving the Family You Wanted

Your life looks different than what you once imagined. You thought that you would be able to build your family easily, having a child when you were ready. Instead, you find yourself coming to grips with the fact that pregnancy and a baby feel out of your reach. You feel out of place at baby showers, because you're still holding the memory of your own losses in your heart. You find yourself crying, wondering, "When will it be my turn?" You feel lonely and isolated. When people say things like, "everything happens for a reason," or "God wanted your baby for an angel,"  you feel infuriated and invalidated. You are mourning not only the loss of your child, but the loss of a future you once imagined, and an identity you pictured for yourself. You sometimes think to yourself, "Who am I if I never get to be a mother or father to a child here on Earth?" 

Our work together will not be about "moving on" but about validating your experience and giving you space to scream, cry, vent and process how you want to move forward. Infertility doesn't have to be the end of your parenting journey, but you do need space to feel free to grieve in whatever way is best for you. If you have lost a baby, we will focus on creating continual bonds with your child so you can feel connected to them forever.

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