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Treating Trauma and PTSD

Trauma is often the gateway to how we view our lives and ourselves in negative ways. It's when something terrible happens that shapes our whole world view, and creates a sense of unsafety and unsettledness in our lives, sometimes even decades later. 

Creating a new sense of self and safety

Perhaps you don't remember a traumatic childhood or event that led you to this page, but when you think of the past you feel a sense of trepidation and loss. You choose to live a life that feels "safe" and comfortable but you long for the freedom you had before the trauma occurred.  The events you experienced have shaken your sense of safety, trust, your ability to have power or feel in control, your esteem and self-worth, and your ability to create intimacy in your relationships.  

Using EMDR and IFS along with other trauma focused therapies, we can explore what happened to you, and give witness to your pain.  We can unlearn the unhelpful messages about yourself, others and the world at large that you've been holding onto. Finally, we can create new beliefs that support the freedom and future you long to have. 

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