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Counseling for Busy Folks Who Want Freedom

"The purpose of psychotherapy is to set people free." -Rollo May

You're probably searching for therapists online because you feel like it's "now or never." You're ready to finally be free from your past, your anxiety, your trauma or the weight of your grief. Typically people reach out to me because they are experiencing one or more of the issues below:

  • You feel disconnected from your goals, and you feel like you're failing in the 'real world.' 

  • If binge-watching early 2000s sitcoms (The Office is my favorite!), and scrolling mindlessly on social media was an Olympic sport, you'd be a gold medalist.

  • Trauma and anxiety have made your brain their playground, and they are destroying your peace.

  • You've always felt different than other people, like you're too "sensitive," that you need more downtime than others, that you think deeply, feel deeply, and are deeply affected by sensory input.

  • You have wondered if you are neurodivergent, and want to explore that in a safe space.

  • You've been trying to achieve the future and family you've always dreamed of, and something is holding you back, whether that's miscarriage, infant loss, or infertility. 

  • You want to work through the unhelpful, unforgiving messages from your childhood so you can love who you are, at your core.

If any of the above points sound like your experience, then you're in the right place.  Welcome, and thank you for your trust. 


Are you ready to experience calm and freedom in your everyday life? Click the button below and send me a line. I'd love to talk about your goals for therapy.

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