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Understanding Anxiety

You feel this low 'hum' of nerves in your belly all of the time. Your mind is often preoccupied with worst case scenarios. You feel paralyzed by your fear. You may find yourself rewatching old TV shows or rereading favorite books in an effort to avoid your anxiety. Sometimes, you experience moments where you can't catch your breath or your heart is racing. 

Learning to Live Without Fear

Anxiety symptoms are both emotional and physical. The anxious brain often tortures my clients with "What if" scenarios or intrusive thoughts or images. They may worry about disrupting the 'status quo' in their relationships, and so they sit with their fear mounting more and more as time progresses. 

Finding relief from anxiety is often a combination of lifestyle changes (cutting out caffeine, including exercising, meditation, prayer, therapy, medication, etc.), as well as working to uncover the hidden emotion behind your anxiety. Your anxious part wants to tell you something, and we have trouble listening because we are afraid of what might happen if we do examine its message closely.  We can reveal what your anxiety's message is, and discover how to honor that part of yourself without getting completely lost in it. 

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